Do not allow them

You wake up feeling wonderful, you had a good night and you feel happy and expectant about your day.

You are not feeling tired like other days and you know deep inside of you that this could be a wonderful day.

You wear your best coat and leave your home to conquer the world, you even see your street and the people walking around you under a different light. You are even smiling, but suddenly, a bus passing right in front of you splashes the water of a dirty puddle all over you, now your precious coat looks like rubbish and you just want to vanish into the centre of the earth.

You go back to your home and quickly fetch the fist garments you find in your closet.  Obviously, you get to your job late and, a furious boss asks you to present him the reports he has been asking you for since last week, just to find a ton of mistakes in them, so you are obliged to do them again.

In that precise moment, you realise that your co-workers are laughing at you because in your hurry, you didn’t notice that you had put on two shoes of different colours and now it is too late to do something about it.

Sounds familiar? Maybe, I have been there, but after some embarrassing experiences I have learnt no to let those events poison my day.  I have learnt to laugh at my mistakes and actually, that made those “accidents” less traumatic to me.

We are allowing our life to depend on the “validation” from others, so we need to take photographs of what we eat, what we wear (or wished to wear), the places where we go and the celebrities we meet occasionally so others see how wonderful our life is and therefore, give us their “seal of approval”.

Thanks to that obsession, social networks exist and make more people feel miserable, when their purpose, in the beginning, was just the opposite.

Stop giving others a power that does not belong to them. Their opinions, their words, have no power over your own happiness, unless you give hem that power.

Stand strong in the beauty and the truth of your own journey.

Drop any need or attachment to the validation of others. This is your life, this is your journey and these are your choices.  Recognise your responsibility for what you chose to do, to think and to feel and focus on your own path.  What others do with their lives will return to them.  What you decide to do in your life will give you the fruits of your own decisions.

Life is full of surprises, good ones and bad ones, failures and setbacks, but none of those have the power of permanently stop you. You already have the strength, the wisdom and the means to overcome anything that Life puts on your path.

You are the only person who will be with you until the end of your journey. Take care of yourself, do not allow others to change who you really are. Do not give control of your steering wheel to them. Do not allow them to take your eyes off your goal.

This is your life, some of them do not want you to be successful, but you were born to be the best. Be it.

Some of them want to see you fail. Do not allow them…






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