Few years ago I was invited by a friend of mine who was a famous model to see her at a fashion show in London. There were many not so famous models as part of that show too, but my friend was the “main attraction”.

The show was produced by a team of very nervous and hectic people who were taking care of every detail with extreme care. So as you can imagine, everybody were extremely nervous and tense. Even I was very nervous and I was just a guest, I was not taking part of that event, but the environment was so tense that I couldn’t help tuning into that stressful frequency.

You could see people running around like crazy doing a thousand things at the same time, I was very impressed to see how many people worked to make that show possible.

There were some young girls who were debuting that night and they were very nervous for they were going to share the catwalk with my friend and other personalities, they were trying to look their best, knowing that opportunity could “find” them that night, the press would be present and that meant that their image would be “exposed” to the media and that could mean a change in their career for ever.

When the event started I was seated on the front row and I was able to see the faces of the debuting models as they appeared in front of many photographers who shot their cameras I don’t know how many times per minute but the flashes were so constant that I was dazzled.

The models were trying not to look nervous and move as naturally as possible, but you could see the stress was more than evident in their eyes. Obviously, this was a big event and their careers were on the rope.

When my friend appeared the difference was more than evident, her movements were fluid and her eyes reflected her confidence. I thought this was because of her years of experience on that business, but when I asked her what was her secret to project that confidence, she just told me that she decided to enjoy the moment, she didn’t try to impress anyone, she wasn’t trying to look sexy or gorgeous, she wasn’t thinking on the media out there.  She just decided to enjoy what she was doing in that very moment and the “outside” world didn’t exist for her.

She was sometimes a little blunt when someone was interviewing her or offering a contract.  When they complain about the amount she charged (it was very expensive for that time) she just answered: “You want me in your project? Then you will have me, but it will cost you this….”

Someway that confidence left them speechless, so they ended up accepting her fee.

She always told me that looking so confident, even when she was shaking in the inside, had helped her to reach her place in the so difficult world of fashion.

I think we should all take heed of that lesson and although we won’t be in the covers of the main magazines of the world, I think that programming that confidence in our mind will open the doors in similar ways as my friend did and still does in her life.

“Just decide to enjoy and be happy doing what you do, for you, not to impress anybody else.”

It works. It creates miracles.

From my book: “Inner Wisdom II”





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