We have talked about the importance of giving our attention to the positive things in our life. The consequences of paying much attention to the bad events in the world around us, and our responsibility as co-creators of this reality.

But remember that attention must be accompanied by intention as well; otherwise it will lack a very important ingredient.  Both elements will give power to our thoughts and desires.

Intention will give a defined purpose to our visualisations and will accelerate the results.

That charged attention will inject power to whatever is directed to, and remember that as soon as you direct that attention to a different subject that energy is shifted to the new target and disappears from the former. So try not to shift to a negative thought in order to maintain the same frequency and even increase its power.

Even if you don’t see your desire taking physical form, do know that the Universe is taking action and is moving creative forces to give your thoughts and emotions existence in your reality.

But be coherent with your words-thoughts-actions, otherwise the Universe will be confused with your order and will grant you confused results as well.

You cannot be having thoughts of health and happiness while talking all the time with other people about your ailments.

Remember you are not alone, you will always be taken care of.  Do not doubt.  Believe.

Many things are lost for letting doubts and fear get on the way. We have all experienced that before. So, don’t let that happen once more. Not this time. Not again.

You are not your past so stop defining your present by your past experiences.  Redefine yourself every day, allow your mind to relearn its power. Start everyday anew and give yourself a new opportunity every morning.

The only way to change your life is by doing new things, trying new ways, living new experiences and trying to see the world through a new lense.

Believe in your capacity to create a new you. A better you, for you and the people around you.

Create a new reality where you enjoy life to the fullest and you share that joy and happiness with everyone you meet.

Once you give the best of you to the world, the world will give you the best in return.

Put your attention on the blessings you already have, be grateful and open yourself to the miracles that will arrive as soon as you allow them to be a reality in your life.

From my book: “Inner Wisdom I”

Inner Wisdom: Volume I (Quantum Thoughts Book 1) by [Sampson, Hector]






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