Labels (More notes to self)

Have you ever asked yourself why things are “showing up” in your life the way they are right now?

We are used to “attach labels” to everything around us, people, circumstances and all kind of events.

We like to use “positive” or “negative”, “good” or “bad” and so on and so forth.

But looking backwards, how many times have you see a “bad” event turn out to be wonderful in the end? How many times have you seen apparently “good” events turn your life into a living “hell”?

What about that “decent” and “wonderful” person who caused you more sorrow and pain than those you considered your worst enemies?

You see? Let’s accept once and for all, that we never see the whole scene, and that make us misplace our labels most times.

So, it could be a god option to stop that “labelling business” for a while and begin anticipating more miracles and be ready to be surprised.

Allow yourself to expand so new possibilities and opportunities “appear” when you open yourself to receive them.

Stop forcing things to happen and remember how to “trust”, so they flow towards you once more.

Embrace positive changes instead of repeating negative patterns, so the lesson seems clearer to you this time.

Accept where you are and “what is” right now, but remember this is not an unmovable state. Take this as the reference point of departure, not your permanent abode.

Sometimes I feel like looking at things behind a “veil”, then I practice “awareness” and make my best effort to try and see where Life is taking me this time.  Then things begin falling into place.

Later, I open my mind and try to understand other ideas and views, then new concepts become clearer, I comprehend my neighbours easily and I feel “upgraded”.

It is at this point, when you´ll discover inner fears which had been hiding deep inside your heart for some time. As soon as you see those fears in plain light, they lose their power over you, allowing you to get rid of them and taking a step closer to new and positive changes.

Keep always in your mind, that you are living in a friendly Universe, that you are supported 24/7 and that you are the only person who will “block” you or “impulse” you towards the life you dream of.




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