Sometimes the only way to break free from a bad cycle, is allowing yourself to be completely exposed so the bad leaves your system and the new and good can come in once more.

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to be shattered in a thousand pieces, so you can gather your good pieces and leave the bad behind. Like a caterpillar that needs to renounce to be a worm in order to become a butterfly.

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to be emotionally gutted in order to clean yourself from all those years of negative energy, wrong programming and bad habits, in order to be re-created into your original state.

This time you can put your inner pieces in a different order and leave no space for those things that held you back for so long.

And being there is a privileged place to be, because this time you will be able to choose a different path, be a new you and begin from zero. Yes, a new Life if you so decide.

Easy? No. Worth it? Definitely.

Because this is a complex Universe. You will not pass to the next level, until you have mastered this one. And to be able to climb to the next, you need to be a new you. Otherwise, you will keep repeating the same lessons and tests over and over again. Until you get the point and re-build yourself.

You don’t think the same way you did 10 years ago, do you? Otherwise you have wasted a decade of your life. We need to keep moving, Life is movement, evolution, enhancement and change. And it is always for the best.

If it is not so at present, do something about it right now or you will be sorry in the near future.

Learn to laugh of yourself, accept you might be wrong and be more open to listen to other people’s ideas and concepts. Progress does not come from closing your ears and eyes to the world, but from observing, learning and sharing with the rest of creation your own personal inner glow.

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