You are more than fine


Advice on how to be a good business partner, a better spouse, friend, lover, student, boss and so on. Are everywhere.

You can see in most magazines and newspapers, a section dedicated to those subjects. Everybody has something to tell you on how to be a better “version of yourself”.

All this information, as everything else in life, might be very useful and, of course, we can learn a lot when we try to apply it to our daily life but, on the other hand, we need to be extremely vigilant of what we accept and what we take with a pinch of salt.

We are all individuals, we are all different (fortunately). We can try to do things differently in order to learn new ways to do things, even faster and better.

But when it comes to your own nature, your own personality, your own being. Things are very different.

You might use all the masks you want, keep all the appearances, try to hide all your defects and so forth. But in the end, you know very well inside your heart that You are YOU.

You are someone outstanding, you have got your own virtues, gifts, values, personality, physical beauty and lots of other things to share with the world.  Nevertheless, the media keep bombarding us with tips and advices to be more like the “standard” image they have created of “being perfect”.

A few days ago, I saw the pictures of some fitness models who took “selfies” of their body not in a “pose” but in everyday situations. Their bodies looked completely different, actually, as most women and, that was the message they wanted to convey.

You do not need to compete with anyone else, because you are your own natural wonder. Instead of being so eager to copy the way other people look, behave and possess. Shine with your own personal Light.

You will never make them change to fit your needs. You do not need to change who you are to please the wrong person. Re-learn to be yourself, despite what others say or think. We need YOU, not a standardised copy of someone else.

Those who are in the same frequency that you are now, will appear in your life one way or the other. Please, do not kill your personality just to fit in the wrong crowd.

Look around you, we already have too many egos pretending to be someone else. We need authentic people. Real people. We need the genuine and unique YOU.

So, remember, you are more than enough, you are more than capable, you are more than fit to be where you are now and go far beyond.

Being authentic is a very rare virtue nowadays.

Do yourself and the whole world a favour: Remember every moment that you are here to share with the Universe your Light, your greatness, your love, your unique gifts and teachings.

You do not need to borrow any Light in order to enlighten the world. You are a source of unique, beautiful, magnificent Radiance, waiting to be released.

And you are more than ready now, to do so…







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