With these “Dialogs with my inner self” I always try to remind myself of those things I feel I am doing or not doing right, or where I need to clarify something.  So if you have read some of these “notes to myself” you can see I still need to clarify a LOT in my head.

I have seen lately that I am doing too many things every day and, a sense of urgency to finish everything I start, is beginning to put some pressure on my shoulders that I don’t really need now.

A little of pressure, an end-line and a little of debt might be even healthy for us sometimes, since they will “force” us to move from our present position, to take the next step towards our goals.  But something I have learnt from very successful people and I would like to emulate sometimes is to be clear and determined in my everyday activities.

Being able to choose how you will spend most of your time is a wonderful way to start everyday, even holidays.  If you can be selective with your activities and chose the ones that will bring you the best results towards your goals, then you will feel happier with yourself and will become more “successful”. 

My favourite example is when we want to use a magnifying glass to burn a piece of paper. We put a piece of paper under the Sun light and with a magnifying glass we FOCUS all that energy on ONE single spot, after a few seconds that spot begins to burn. We could left the paper unattended under the Sun the whole day and probably the paper would just turn yellowish at the most. But with the help of the magnifying glass we can generate the power to burn the whole paper down.  We concentrate the energy in ONE point only.

Have you noticed that sometimes you are working on too many things at the same times and at the end of the day you are exhausted but you feel you haven’t advanced enough, despite all your hard work?

Well I have been there too and every time I feel like that I make a stop and being to select my activities for the next day

Once I begin to focus all my energies on ONE goal, things become easier and all the things I need to do flow easily.

My problem is that once I achieve one goal I get too excited about it so I get motivated to achieve more things, and then once more, I need to select once more my next goal. And believe me sometimes is very difficult to choose between all my projects but I have decided to choose two at the most.

Concentrating our energy and Divine Power on ONE goal at the time we will achieve more and get less frustrated with our day and time.

Focus your energy on ONE goal and you will see better and faster results.

And that is one of the first steps for productivity.

Taken from my book: Inner Wisdom II

Inner Wisdom: Volume II by [Sampson, Hector]


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