The Sanctuary

It took me half a day to reach the top of that mountain, a small Buddhist sanctuary stood there lonely in the middle of nothing.

The monk in charge of that small place smiled at me as soon as I reached the entrance and invited me to seat beside him on a wooden bench by the main door.

I looked exhausted and messy after the long climb. He looked radiant and happy. I told him about my great climbing adventure as if it was a once in a lifetime odyssey. He calmly told me he goes to town twice a day, so he does that “odyssey” four times every day.

I remained silent for a while.

Then I asked him if many people visited the sanctuary often and he told me that not many visited him anymore. It was difficult to get there and the weather conditions didn´t help much either.

But he told me he really enjoyed the silence: “Just listen to it, its sound is so beautiful!” That reminded me an old song.

But he was right.  That sensation of quietness was like a wonderful balm that healed every corner of my being.

Then I realised that many people travel the world to go and touch a rock, do a ritual, dance, pray, meditate and so forth, in order to get the “inner peace” they are craving.

But that inner peace is not at those far away places. It is all the time inside of your own soul. In fact, it is your very nature.

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