Your limits?

I was visiting Rick and he was very concerned about his future.

His grandfather was a doctor, his father was a doctor and, yes you guessed it, he became a doctor as well.

He had been surrounded by doctors of all kinds all his life. He attended reunions and parties where most people were doctors, his whole world was full of doctors here and doctors there.

That was on one side very good, because that influence had made him a very good doctor, very open to all kind of medicines, not only allopathy. But on the other side it was a terrible thing as well, because he had assumed all his life his role as a doctor.  He could not conceive the idea of doing anything else.

He had accepted the limitation of being a doctor all his life and the thought of having a hobby or activity outside his profession was out of the question for him.

So, in the last few years he had been feeling attracted to drawing. Not in an artistic way, but design drawing. Someway his creative side has been trying to get his conscious attention, but he had avoided to listen to that inner voice, because: “A doctor is supposed to be taking care of the ill, now playing with pencils and colours on a piece of paper.” (His words).

At that moment, I thought it could be a good idea he met my friend Arthur.

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