Your limits?

I was visiting Rick and he was very concerned about his future.

His grandfather was a doctor, his father was a doctor and, yes you guessed it, he became a doctor as well.

He had been surrounded by doctors of all kinds all his life. He attended reunions and parties where most people were doctors, his whole world was full of doctors here and doctors there.

That was on one side very good, because that influence had made him a very good doctor, very open to all kind of medicines, not only allopathy. But on the other side it was a terrible thing as well, because he had assumed all his life his role as a doctor.  He could not conceive the idea of doing anything else.

He had accepted the limitation of being a doctor all his life and the thought of having a hobby or activity outside his profession was out of the question for him.

So, in the last few years he had been feeling attracted to drawing. Not in an artistic way, but design drawing. Someway his creative side has been trying to get his conscious attention, but he had avoided to listen to that inner voice, because: “A doctor is supposed to be taking care of the ill, now playing with pencils and colours on a piece of paper.” (His words).

At that moment, I thought it could be a good idea he met my friend Arthur.

Arthur was an Architect, painter, sculptor, writer, martial artist, cook, social worker, father and many other “titles” more.

He has been very “restless” since he was a little boy and his family and friends come from every corner of Earth. So, he is constantly in touch with other cultures, ideas, concepts and activities.  He is very easily motivated to try new things and one way or the other he puts good time to learn and practice the things he likes.

Arthur and I have been practicing many different activities together and we are constantly sharing info on different subjects.  His network of friends is far bigger than mine, he is more the social type, and I have met many interesting characters through him.

So, when Rick met Arthur it was an expected shock for both, since each could not believe the kind of life the other was living.

But after some hard work, now Rick is allowing himself to explore his other gifts. And step by step, he is now discovering a wonderful designer inside his heart, waiting for the time to come out with all the glory.

We all are more versatile than we think, human beings are made to master more things than you can imagine.

Give yourself the chance to discover your new hobbies, your new profession, your new passion, your new life.

Do not allow anyone to make you believe you have a permanent “tag” on your forehead.

Nobody but you, can simplify you to just one title.

Probably you found your dream career and now you are living the life you always wished, but even so, give yourself the opportunity to discover new paths and horizons and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow you will find a new you, waiting inside your soul for an opportunity to surprise the world and yourself at the same time.


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