Do you take yourself very seriously?

Don’t, actually, nobody else does.

We usually think other people “see us” as we see ourselves.

The truth is, every person who knows you has a different impression of you and their perspective could be totally opposite to yours, therefore, their “image” of you could be completely different to your own.

I believe we all know someone who seems to live in a very “isolated bubble”, especially, regarding to the energy they “send out” to the world.

I know a person who believes he is very handsome, humble, loved and liked by all his community.  If you ask him, everybody adore him, respect him and admire him.  According to him, everybody is his friend, especially famous and powerful people and he loves to brag about his photographs with them, with his family and friends.

Although it is true that we should not be concern of what others think about ourselves. We should be very careful not to assume, we are everybody’s cup of tea either.

Of course, we all know deep inside our heart, who we really are.  Some admit it and accept it, others just pretend it is not true. But as human beings, it is our right and duty to become a better edition of ourselves.

We are here to become stronger, wiser, happier and to share this human experience with other souls who are here to become a higher version of themselves as well, by transiting their own individual path.

Of course, we all have free will, we can do whatever we please. But we need to keep in mind that there are consequences of each and every one of our acts.

Our parents sent us to school at an early age so we can learn to use many tools that are useful for our development and growth.  Likewise, we come to this human experience to learn and flourish and, when we graduate, hopefully we will become a more “refined edition” of ourselves.

You can justify yourself saying things like: “That’s the way I am”, “That is the way I talk”, “This is how I do things”, “And there is nothing I can do about it”, and so on and so forth.

Or, you can see where you are standing right now and then decide you are much better than that and do something about it.

Education is easier to get right now. Universities and colleges do not possess the “exclusivity” of knowledge and culture.  You can study practically everything online nowadays.

You can learn how to do things better, how to enhance yourself, you can “chat” with millions of people around the world and try to understand how and why the think and do things the way they do.

That will make your more understanding, more tolerant, more human.

If you decide to become better, you will be able to show empathy to every living being, without having to segregate or isolate yourself from the rest of your world.

We are “mirroring” what we see around us. That is good, because we can learn about ourselves. But try not to alter that image, so you can see reflected in others, the good that emanates from your real inner self.


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