It´s about to get easier

I know, these have been very difficult times, lots of tests, lots of lessons yet to learn but, if you look back now, you can contemplate a long and very bumpy road behind you.

If they had told you, in the beginning, that the road ahead of you would be so ragged, probably you would have chosen a different path.  Nevertheless, you are here now, you transited that hilly highway and here you are, taller, stronger, wiser. Congratulations!

When I learnt to skate by myself, I did fall many times, bruised my knees, crashed against other skaters, Streetlights, walls and many other hard objects I found on my way to master it. It was a very painful learning period, but it was totally worth it.

Skating has been for me a wonderful way to feeling myself really free. Feeling the air caressing my face while I glided around the rink, has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

The accidents did not stop, in fact, they got even worse, as I learnt new and more complicated pirouettes, but by learning how to fall without damaging my body combined with my passion for skating, helped me to ignore the trivial misfortunes and focus my mind on better results.

Skating was substituted by other disciplines which left their own teachings, scars and joy as well.

But when life gets tough and you feel you cannot go any further, just rewind the tape of your memories and see how when things went rough, you fell, you got hurt, but after a while, you stood up and continued with renewed strength.

This time you will fall again, you will learn again, you will be up once more but this time you will be doing it faster. You are now more skilled than last occasion.

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2 thoughts on “It´s about to get easier

  1. Lovely post, Hector. A compelling story about the rewards that come with effort and in spite of the rough road. I often learn my greatest lessons through failure. Often it’s a gift. Have a great day with many successes!

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