Your tools

When I was a child, I was always questioning why “bad” things existed.

Why God had invented “pain”, “fear”, “sadness” and so on?

We would be much happier if there was no such thing as fear, right? But then, I was explained that without fear I would not be alive today.  If fear would not let me know my life is in danger when I approach a precipice, I would continue walking and probably fall to my death. But fear was there to stop me in time and keep me from jumping and getting killed or badly injured.

If that fear were not there to activate my instinct of conservation, then I would easily lose my hand when I cook or work with my electric saw. Or I could get easily killed by walking at night through dangerous places, etc.

So, that little voice is not that bad after all.

If pain wouldn´t make me take away my hand touches a hot surface, I wouldn’t be typing this right now.

If pain had not warned me that an electric machine was beginning to squeeze my foot, I would have let it there longer causing something to regret for the rest of my life.

Pain allowed my friend Joe to know in time, his intestine was having problems, alerting him to run to the hospital and getting an emergency surgery that saved his life.

Our body is very wise. Mother Nature equipped us with a fine hardware and its sensors and danger indicators are the best of the best.  The only problem is that we do not pay attention to them often enough.

That alarm system is inside of us for a reason. They have a very important mission in our life. We should respect and listen to them frequently, instead of dread them and ignore them.

All these tools do not show up in our lives for no reason. They are the red lights that are turned on when something needs attention and immediate action on our side.

And that applies to every kind of fear and pain in our life. Not only “physical”.

When your soul aches, it means you need to focus your attention within yourself and make the necessary changes in order to bring your inner peace back to normal.

Most times, your body let you know you need to pay attention to something inside so you can avoid or prevent illness. We just take it for granted and pretend there is nothing wrong.

But if you learn to take heed of its signals on time, your life will be more pleasant and your whole being will thank you for the rest of your lifetime.

You are not alone in your journey. That inner voice is there to assist you, your sensors and indicators are there to guide you all the time. Take heed of their indications. Relearn and listen to your natural tools for survival.

And remember that everything exists for a reason, and it is always a good reason, we just forgot to look at the natural side of things and give the wrong interpretation to most situations.

Nature is good per se. So, stop judging and feeling that life is not fair with you. Learn and change what is needed.

Continue your journey, appreciating your natural tools, used them, listen to what they have to teach you and have a happy learning.








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