Pretend and create



To carry the weight of our own mistakes can be very difficult sometimes.

Too many things depending on us and, too many shared responsibilities adding weight to the load on our shoulders.

So when the load is unbearable and someone else criticise our behaviour or questions our methods, we tend to look for an external factor where we can  place the blame, “The real cause of the problem”.

So finding an external factor to justify our mistakes, behaviours, reactions, etc., is the easiest and painless solution and actually, we are pretty good at it.

It’s a universal activity, that we all, one way or the other, end up using to our advantage. But does that solve anything?

Do you know what will happen the day you decide to look inside of your being for the cause of everything, good or bad?

How are you going to react next time something that bothers you happens once more? Are you going to observe what did you do to cause that? Or are you going to look for the nearest person to blame?

Before telling me that you are not responsible for the way other people behave and react, let me remind you that you are the one creating your reality, all external situations, people, events, problems or whatever name you want to use to refer to them, everything is your creation.

So for a change, try to see the events in your life from that perspective. Try and see if this works for you.

Pretend for a moment that you are the sole creator of your own universe. What beliefs could have created what you now perceive as your reality? What new beliefs could replace the old ones so a change could take place?

How have you been reacting to people, events and situations that have caused the same results over and over in your life?

If you don’t like the old results then how could you react next time it happens again so the results will be those that you want in your reality?

Play with these questions and see what new changes appear in your life when you apply these new perspectives to your new mentality.

Just by trying new things you will know what works and what does not for you.  So instead of denying in your mind what is or what is not possible, try it and experience it in your own reality first, so you can really make the shifts you need to live the life you deserve.  Do it for you.

Excerpt from my book: Quantum thoughts: 300 ideas to change your life

Quantum thoughts: 300 ideas to change your life by [Sampson, Hector]



4 thoughts on “Pretend and create

  1. Wise words, Hector. I’m all for awareness about how our perceptions and choices create our realities. I wish I could uncreate Donald Trump, ha ha, but since that’s unlikely to happen, at least I get to decide whether he’s going to ruin my day. Sorry, I couldn’t help going there. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for reading D! I understand what you are saying there, but even Donald Trump is there for a good reason, sometimes is to show us what NOT to do or see in his behaviour what should we avoid in our own life.
    This is a hard lesson to swallow but I am sure we all will learn a lot of these crazy times.
    I hope we all learn our lesson fast!!

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  3. Me too Diane! But in the end we all, hopefully, will find out what lesson we were supposed to learn form all this.. I hope he does too..

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