Follow them

Nothing in my life has arrived by chance. Either good or bad, every situation, person, blessing, problem, teaching, etc.

In some cases, there has been a point on the road where I have been able to see the reason why they appeared in my life. Other might kept their secrets for ever. Time will tell.

There is not a single thing I have learnt in the past that has not become “handy” at some point in my life.  That is why I do not consider “wasted time” to every second I spend learning something new.

There is an old Russian proverb: “Век живи, век учись” (Live a century, study a century).

Learning is a blessing. Its effects in our brain are amazing and actually it has healing properties as well.

The excitement to discover something that attract us and make us study all about it is indescribable.

And sometimes, learning something new, changes our life in very impressive and unexpected ways.

Each new subject, opens doors to new unknown universes and our life becomes richer and meaningful with each new knowledge we acquire.

And the more interesting thing is that every new thing that excites you is not random.

They seem to be connected, in some way, to your own purpose.

Each new subject seems to be there to take you through new paths towards your highest goal.

That is why they excite you. That is why you feel so motivated by them.

They have a good reason to appear in your life.

So, do not feel bad about those “hidden” interests.  They are there to make you a better human being. They are there to help you reach  higher levels.

Once that little voice talks to you. Take heed of its guidance.

Keep exploring, give yourself the opportunity to learn new things, languages, ideas, skills and so forth.

You never know when, this new knowledge will bring you blessings, even save your life sometime.

Keep in mind that Life is giving you every moment the tools you need to carry on your personal purpose.

It is your job to identify those tools and give them a good use.

You are now standing where you are. Thanks to those decisions you took in the past. You are wiser, stronger, taller, because you have used the tools you picked up along the way and your journey has been more meaningful, because you have learnt to use those tools in a positive way.

Look around you now, look for those tools waiting for you to pick them up and learn to use them the way only you could do it.

Use your personality, your unique way of being to leave a mark on this planet, let others know that what you lived here, what you learnt and experienced during your lifetime, will be a contribution to them and an example to follow.

Those wishes, those dreams and goals are there for you to follow. Use your gifts and tools wisely.

And every new interest, every new passion, every new exciting thing your heart harbours, are teachers waiting for you to acknowledge their presence.

Don´t make them wait any longer, follow them now…





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