I was watching a Turkish series with my mother online the other day.  She complained now and then about things she considered were not “possible” in real life situations, like some reactions and attitudes.

To me those attitudes and reactions were justified by the situation (comparing what I or, some people I know would do in a case like that) but to my mother those were “illogical and inconceivable”. She said that “real people in a real daily life situation” would not react the way the actors did.  Although many times that happens in TV series and movies, the truth is that we would be amazed to see what “real people do in real life situations”.

What could look “logical” to you might sound irrational to someone else. So, do not think that people will react and respond the same way you would.

There is a myriad of videos online where you can see clear examples of this.

We are used to see the world through our perspective, through our ideas and to “our eyes” things could be “too understandable”, “too simple”, “too obvious”.

But not everybody knows what we know.  Not everybody has experienced the same things we have. We cannot expect every person around us, not even your closest family members, to think, react, like and respond in the same way we do.

You might love apples, but your children could hate them and, it is not a mistake in the way your brought them up, it is that we are all individuals, therefore independent and different.

That is why you cannot ask other people to act and respond in ways you consider as “common sense”, which it is well known to be the less common of senses as well.

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