We have been educated to be self-centred in many ways.  Of course, you need to have your own things, for your personal use.  And certainly, we all want to have our loved ones near us.

But have you noticed how desperate we get when they go away, even for a little while?

I believe most of us have made some crazy things to get the attention of someone we are interested in or, to keep them by our side.

Jealousy is a big illness, it has caused big tragedies in the history of humanity. It transforms us and affects our whole body and soul.

But something I have noticed and discussed with many people from different backgrounds in life, is the futility of falling into its trap.

You could give jealousy total control of your heart and your whole personality changes (for the worst). I have seen wonderful and kind people turn into unrecognisable monsters, just for giving jealousy the power to change their behaviour.

Some people, especially women, enjoy receiving a little jealousy from their partners, as a way of reassurance of their interest in them. But the problem is that this feeling grows and gets out of control very quickly. Causing an obsessive behaviour that, in most cases, ends up in a bad finale.

From divorce to murder, this negative and strong feeling can change your life for ever.

But once you begin to understand how this Life works, then you become less eager to do unusual things to keep people and things by your side.

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