Do nothing

We are living very hectic times, everything must be quick and short. We like to see a movie instead of reading the book, we strive to find shortcuts, instead of taking the time to learn and practice to do things properly. We prefer to pay to get our clothes washed and ironed instead of taking the time to do it ourselves.

We are living our lives on the fast lane.

As a civilization, we are getting lazy on many things.

But on the other hand, we are getting obsessed with exercising. We are beginning to face serious health problems due to an excess of exercise training in ways our body was not design to do. But, fashion is fashion and you need to follow it, in order to feel you are “fitting in”, right?

Otherwise, what would our acquaintances say…?

I don´t know if it is a common mistake nowadays, but many times I have noticed how I push myself to do things so I don´t feel I am wasting my time.

We have the idea that if we live with stress all the time, we are being “productive”, the thought of resting a while doing nothing is almost heretical.

I have heard people criticising others who are sitting in a park or just resting on a bench trying to regain their energy back, and people call them names, just because we are maintaining the wrong idea that if we keep ourselves “busy” we will advance more and even look more “productive”.

But we keep forgetting that the best ideas are conceived in silence. When our body is resting, our mind is more easily focused on solutions and new ideas are then easily born.

Even machines need a period of rest.

We take care more of our cars than of our bodies.

We take the time to wash it, wax it, polish it, take it to service, we buy lots of accessories for it and we immediately take care of the slightest scratch we notice.  But, when it comes to our bodies, we lack the interest and knowledge about it.

As it repairs itself, we think we do not need to give it a hand, we neglect to give it love and attention, and after some time we pay the consequences.

Listen to your physical body. Listen to your spiritual body.  Your whole being needs a brake too.

This life is about trying to keep the balance every second.

I am sure that if you see a friend of yours suffering from chronic fatigue and stress, you would immediately advise him/her to take a vacation and forget about everything before it is too late.  But when it is you the one needing the break, you would justify your excesses and keep the same pattern until your body would force you to lay in bed.

Make a halt in your routine right now. Do not wait until your body is so sick of your “productiveness” and causes you to stop through a heart attack of something similar.

Try to find the “middle path”. Sometimes it is much more productive to lay down doing nothing, allowing your body and mind to find their peace and calm, than pushing your body to the limit only to do the same old stuff you did yesterday with no gain or advancement.

Allow your mind to find new ideas, inspiration, plans and dreams through silence. Solitude is a good medicine as well.  You just need to learn the way to use it to your advantage.

Yes, running like a lost ant, would make you look like “important and busy” to the eyes of others. But it will not take you anywhere, and in the end, what you need to look for, is results.  And overstressing yourself will not give you any real answers, will not solve your problems in anyway and will push you to an early end, with no satisfaction whatsoever.

Sometimes, when you no longer know what next step is, the best you can do is, nothing.whatsoever.

Something to ponder about…






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