Be there

Sometimes we complain about the lack of support from our family, lack of understanding from our friends and acquaintances and how much we suffer our solitude, instead of learning from it.

When we are in such states of mind, we tend to look for someone to listen to us, we want to be understood, to be supported.

But as soon as we try to find those things in others, we face a cold wall of indifference and our loneliness becomes even bigger.

We all have been there. But have you ever noticed when you were on the other side?

How many times have you avoid a friend with a problem, who is trying to reach you so he/she can be just heard?

Probably there was a time when someone was hoping for you to lend them a caring ear, but you were too busy, too tired or, just not “in the mood”?

I know you are carrying around your own “heavy load” upon your shoulders and, there are days when you cannot bear to hear anything negative without feeling your back even more crushed.  But we are strong, wise, experienced old souls who have been there many times as well. You can find the right moment to share.

Instead of complaining about how lonely do you feel, how ignored you have been for a long time and how ungrateful others are with you.  Be the help you would like to find. Be the strong support for others, as the one you are craving to find now.

I am not talking about overloading your heart with the pain of others added to your own. But building a strong fortress with the help of your fellowmen.

Believe it or not, “The more, the merrier”, “two heads think better than one” and “Unity builds strength” are very wise advices here.

Sometimes we can find answers faster, while listening to others. By listening to other people´s opinion we can realise and understand our own situation in an easier way.

And on the other side, if you are there for them, they will be there for you at the same time.

Do not worry about doing something wrong.  They are not expecting you to do nothing in particular, you do not need to repair anything whatsoever.

Your main role here is to let them know you are there to listen.  To let them know that you care. To assure them you are a shoulder to lean on.

The rest will depend on them.

Be for them, the Light and support you are waiting for.  That will bring you the same back to you as well.

After all, we are all in the same class room and we are students and teachers at the same time.

Do not wait any more, be there.







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