A good friend of mine was born with a strange condition that affected his body. He was very tall and his head and hands were bigger in proportion to the rest of his body.

He had suffered very much during his childhood because the other children mocked him and called him names that hurt his soul deeply.

He had to get used to the way people stared at him on the street and to the impertinent questions of those with no manners whatsoever, who never touched their hearts before making harsh remarks about his looks.

Anyway, he has got a wonderful personality.  He is very kind and compassionate with every living being.  He pursued a career in acting and due to his image, he got important roles in international movies.

This had allowed him to have some resources and he used them to help other people with different illnesses, especially children.

One day he told me how in his younger years, he was obsessed with “perfection”.  Looking at the mirror was a very difficult thing for him to do and making good money on the entertainment industry allowed him to try to make some changes in his appearance through esthetical surgery.

His problem was severe and in those years, technology was not as advanced as it is today, so there was no good way to “fix his problem” the way he wanted.

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