Go out and help

I had no idea how to repair a scratch on the paint of a metallic surface and I was going mad trying to find some video online that showed me how to do it.

I tried some suggestions but they were not what I needed. There are not many answers online for my particular problem.

So, I was about to quit and accept to live with that scratch when, while walking in a busy street, I saw an old man creating real masterpieces on metallic plates with his fingers and a few other handmade tools.

I stood there for a few minutes contemplating in awe the ability of that man and the wonderful paintings he was creating in a few minutes, right before an admired crowd.

After a while, he began to pick up his belongings and his unsold paintings, so I decided to approach him and ask for his advice on how to solve my problem.

I told him about the scratch and how I had made it worst by attempting to “fix it” trying different methods. He looked at me amused.

I offered to pay him if he could do something to make it look better and he was very surprised because for him, that was a minor job.  Something extremely easy.

I showed him the problem and in a few minutes, he left it as good as new.

He even refused to charge me for that job, but I insisted to compensate his knowledge, his technique, and his time, without any of that I would still be “suffering” that scratch.

He was very surprised I was not able to do that by myself. But I explained him that I do not work with paint, I am not a painter, I have no experience with colours and shades and mixing paints to obtain a particular colour was out of my life experience.  But to him it was too simple and even “obvious”, “common knowledge”.

To him I sounded like a total ignorant. A lost case.

But I was happy with the result. The scratch was gone, he got some money for his knowledge and ability and I had learnt something new as well.

It was a win-win situation.

After some careful thinking, I was able to relate to his reaction, because to me electronics and computers are as natural as breathing. Very often I receive calls from people with a “terrible computer problem” they had been dealing with for hours and I usually solve that problem in a couple of minutes.  To me that is “easy, obvious and common knowledge” and usually I am surprised that people ignore those “simple things”.

We all see the world from our perspective, from our life experiences, from our ideas and knowledge and, we usually expect everybody to share all that and on our same level.  We keep forgetting that we live different lives, different opportunities and life experiences. So, we cannot expect other people to know, to like, to love and to share our abilities and personal gifts.

You might be thinking that what you know is not “good enough” to help others, that you cannot contribute and teach others something new, because you lack the knowledge and/or experience, but the truth is very different.

You are a unique being with unique knowledge and experience and, what to you is “simple, easy and obvious” to others is completely unknown.

You can capitalise those “personal gems” and contribute to the well-being of others.  You are more valuable than you think.  You are wiser, stronger and more admirable than you perceive.

Just remember who you are, look at all the valuable baggage you are carrying along in your brain and share it with the world.

Make this a better place to be. Go out, help and teach now. There are many people out there needing your valuable guidance in this very moment.






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