Learning from a Yucca tree

 The lesson is everywhere to be found.

If we observe carefully all the time, there is a lesson to be found, a signal, a message, something to learn about.

They say that is hidden knowledge waiting to be found, but is it really hidden? or are we just too distracted to see it.  One we see it, it is no longer “hidden” and most of the time it is actually pretty evident. We just disregard it, but it is usually right in front of us all the time.

Most of our inner strength, our real power is taken from us by the old believes, those that taught us to be meek, and not to shine.

We needed to be “humble” and make ourselves “invisible” lest we be considered, arrogant or boastful.

But we’ll discuss humility some other time.

The thing here is to try to find a lesson in our environment, we might find it in another person, an animal and something we read or listen to in the street, of even a tree.

That happened to me as I was taking a walk in a park.

I saw a yucca tree with its trunk half severed but still full of life.

I asked the gardener, who happens to be my friend, how was that possible?

He told me someone had tried to cut that yucca tree a few years ago, but for some unknown reason he never finished the job and left the yucca tree with half its trunk severed.

-But the yucca tree decided to choose life. And then nature decided to help.

If the yucca tree would have thought it was impossible to survive with half the trunk then she would be death right now.  Instead, she did choose life and now she has four daughters in different parts of the garden.

Yes, when the yucca tree loses one branch, since they are heavy and break sometimes, the gardener plants the broken branch on the soil, and that desire for life goes on and forms new trees.

The yucca tree never stopped to consider  if it was technically impossible to survive with only half its trunk, she  just carried on and did her part, then allowed Mother Nature to do hers.

I know there is nothing strange here, but I am sure you are right now giving a sense to this story and you will find your own lesson in it.

I hope next time I find myself in an apparently “impossible” situation, I will remember the image of that yucca tree ignoring all the logical reasons,(we all would have thought of) for her to quit life and conform herself with  her destiny, and then do the same, just carry on, do my part and let Mother Nature do hers.

From my book: “Dialogs with my inner self”

Dialogs with my inner self by [Sampson, Hector]


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