Your real power

If someone would tell you right now that you are more “in charge” of your happiness than you think, what would your answer be?

Of course, we all are now aware of our “responsibility and influence” on our own happiness and well-being.  We have read a lot lately about how important our thoughts and feelings are to influence our end results.

But most times we need a reminder of this, because as soon as the things become difficult, we tend to forget our own power and immediately go back to “desperation mode”.

The XIV Dalai Lama once said: “If there is no solution to the problem then do not waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then do not waste time worrying about it”.

And I have been many times there, where I thought things were very rough and I felt powerless and scared for the “magnitude” of the problems I had right in front of me.  But after some time, with the help of others or even through my own merits, I finally realised that things were not as huge as they seemed.

After some tweaking here and there, I have been able to solve and change, many times, the situations and being back to “normal mode” in no time.

That was easy, the real problem was the time between realisation and change.

Nowadays I am doing my best to reduce that period, so I do not waste valuable time and energy in fretting about it.

But I hear you say: “But, I am in a situation right now that I cannot change myself because it does not depend on me.”  Yes, I know there are many times where external factors alter our own balance and made a mess around us and there is nothing we can do about it.

But have you ever tried to change your mind set about it?

We are so used to consider ourselves powerless and overdependent on external factors that we take for granted our main tool against adversities: Our perspective.

Ok, you are going through a very difficult situation where there is nothing you can do to change or alter the end results, you have tried everything in your power to make changes but, things do not depend only on yourself, right?

Then instead of swimming against the current, learn to find the “good side” of it.  We can make great changes to our worst nightmares when we move to a different perspective.

When our mind-set changes, everything changes.

We have gone through difficult horrible times when we thought we wouldn´t make it, nevertheless, we are here standing tall and strong and specially wiser.

This time will not be the exception.  Just learn the lesson so you don´t have to go through this test once again.

Next time you will be prepared and will not fall into the same hole. You will have the tools you need to be victorious!

Just learn the lesson this time. Knowledge through experience is your real superpower! It might come from your own life experiences or through the observation of others, but that knowledge will be the difference between failure and success next time.

Do not worry, there will be a next time, one way or the other.  Just learn the lesson now and enjoy your real power later.






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