And it was never the same…

After many years of absence, I was finally able to return to the capital of the USA.  A very dear place to me since I lived and studied there for some years.

A very impressive place with its white buildings and monuments, I was so excited to go and see how things were there now.  And yes, that was a big thing in my mind because, how would that place look to my eyes now?

Would the same people be still around? Would I find my friends and classmates living their lives as usual? What would be different nowadays? Would I like the changes?

When you live in the same place for a long time, you cannot notice everyday changes so easily.  It is when someone from the “outside” returns and let you know what is new to them, that you begin noticing how different things really are. To your eyes, change is not so evident most times.

You get so used to see the world around you every day, that you miss the little changes, since they are affecting your environment in a very small and almost unperceivable scale. So, our mind does not register those small changes and little by little it assimilates them without perceiving it.

Even when you look at yourself in the mirror, you do not pay much attention to your reflection, until one day, you notice a slight change that “some way” was unperceivable to your conscious mind for a while.

This is when you must understand and accept, that somethings will never go back to how they use to be.

And that is a good thing as well!

We have talked many times about the importance of movement in your life. Movement is life itself. And change brings freshness and growing to our existence.

If things were always the same, this would be a rather boring and unevolved world.  We would never learn anything new and eventually it would become a very dull existence.

But we can feel reassured, because life is not static.  Changes happen every single second and it is always for a good reason too!  You are wiser and stronger than yesterday and that is so, thanks to the lessons you learnt from those apparent failures in the past.

Evolution is change and change is what keeps us growing and improving.

In my trip, change played a very important role.  There were people and places that remained there but things were different at the same time. Different in a nice way though. And those changes were what made that trip a wonderful and unique experience in the end.

The people who are still living there have enhanced their lives and it was such a pleasure to see their new adventures and bring back wonderful memories together. The new people and places are wonderful as well and those new changes have made me even fonder of that city this time!

Change is good, keep that in mind, even when it does not look like that. Because that change is asking you to become a different you. That way you will learn and grow and evolve into a better human being.

Remember that it is not as important what happens to you, as how you react to it. And life experiences give you the wisdom you need to discern how to react in a better way each time.

Be proud of who you are now and promise yourself to be a much better person tomorrow. You now have got all the elements you need.


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