The dark side


We all have a duality in ourselves.

We are not all white or all black, we actually need this duality to be able to find our balance and move forward.

In my last article, I was talking about the importance of self-forgiveness. I have talked many times about the fact that everything returns to us.  Assassins, kidnappers, terrorists and so on, they all receive one way or the other what they deserve, even if we don’t see it. We never know what happens inside of another person’s soul.

Remember there are always two parts, the offender and the victim.

The victim wants the offender to be punished for eternity and with that wish the victim becomes a double victim. One: for the original offence, and the second: for the wish of revenge.  The second cause is sometimes the hardest because it keeps the victim chained to those feelings for the rest of his or her life.

I know that in some cases it’s very difficult to be able to forgive certain situations.  But that is one of the elements necessary to release and move away from limiting feelings that harm us and keeps us prisoners in a cage of hate.

If we believe that there is a higher justice, then we need to remember that karma, law of cause and effect, divine justice or whatever name you want to attach to it, will take care of things, and the offender will, one way or the other, receive the punishment.

But we cannot torture ourselves with that as well.  We have been affected by the other person or people, and now we add to that suffering the load of resentment or hate.  That is even more difficult to carry.

And looking at it, from a very selfish point of view.  We do not deserve to carry such a load upon our shoulders.  I know there are things that affect us and change our lives as losing a loved one, of see one of our close ones affected by other people, but let us remember that hate, resentment, the wish of revenge and feelings like those will bring us a serious damage.

We have been affected in some terrible way, so now our work is to learn from that and heal ourselves, move forward and continue our evolution.  I know it sounds easier than it really is doing it, but the truth is that there is nothing as important as releasing what can harm us and stop our evolution.

So if you want to see this in an egotistical way, then free yourself of those chains, set yourself free from any feeling that harm you and carry on. Trust there is a higher intelligence that will set the score straight and get rid of those thoughts and feelings that will only bring more damage to your life.

You deserve to be healthy and happy.  So don’t let bad feelings and thoughts to make you sick and bitter, for that will only hinder you from achieving what you are really here for, being happy.

Yes I know some things are really difficult to let go, to forgive.  But what is done is done and you have to look after yourself.

ive yourself a new opportunity, learn from the past, let go and allow the healing help you to be a better and new you.


In fact, don’t forget we all have a dark side as well, and if we allow that dark side to become stronger, we will attract events, people and health in the same frequency.


That is why it’s so important to clear and clean our mind and heart and work on our inner self.


As we said before, the things that happen “outside” are a reflection of what it’s “inside” us, and we need to take what happens to us as a wakeup call and an alert alarm we need to consciously revise to see how are we contributing to that “external” event to occur.


We are the ones attracting this and we are the ones doing something about it.  I know that is something that sounds terrible for our ego, but once we understand that, it is easy to begin to search what we need to change in us so we see the reciprocal effect in our universe.


Leave your ego aside for a moment and try to see if this “change your inside to change our outside” works.


If it works for you, then you have made a big discovery and feel happy to keep changing yourself for the better, for you and for the others.


If it doesn’t work for you then you would have benefited, from the changes in your inner self and you will be a better person anyway.


In any case the important thing is that you will see that when you release the guilt, hate, resentment or any other negative limiting feeling, you will be happier and you and the people around you will notice and benefit from it.


Thank you for making a better you and making, at the same time, a better universe for us all.

From my book: Inner Wisdom I

Inner Wisdom: Volume I (Quantum Thoughts Book 1) by [Sampson, Hector]


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