The voice


Wait! You have been through too many things in your life and you might not be perfect, but you are a gem who took a long time and effort to be who you are now.

You have reached this far and it would be a shame if you’d stopped right now and decide to finish your journey just a few inches from your goal.

I know your trip have been difficult, you have survived and you are a living example for all of us who are watching you, even if you haven’t noticed us.

Please, don’t let those apparent obstacles to convince you of their “reality”. Do not stop now or you will never know what you are capable of and instead, you will spend the rest of your life wondering if you would have made it to the end.

I don’t have the power to motivate you, I don’t have the stature to stand in front of you to tell you what to do with your life, but I´ll be at your side to remind you that you are a unique being of Light who is here to be the best, to be happy because you deserve it (otherwise you wouldn´t be here now) and it is your right and duty to grow, expand and enjoy the ride.

Please, be the example other people need to see, because they believe in you and are expecting you to show them the way to do the things right.

They think you believe in yourself as strongly as they believe in you. Show them you do now.

Don’t let those fake monsters that seem so huge to your eyes now, scare you and convince that you are not enough.  You are more than enough and you are not alone now. We are all with you, you just don’t want to believe it.

But I am here as usual to let you know you are more than capable to do it, you don’t need anyone else to teach you anything else, you don’t need new knowledge, nor new tools to be able to reach the goal.

I have been behind you all the time, but you pretend I do not exist and that I am only a trick of your imagination to make you fail once more.

But your heart knows that is not true. I am real, as real as you are to yourself.

Go now and as you have done before, be yourself, convince yourself that you have the power to succeed and show the others that they are capable too to reach their goals and live their dreams. But only your example, not your words will show them the right way to do it.

I am here with you. As usual. You know it, I know it.

Go now and receive what is yours as your birth right.

Dare to be yourself.

From my book: “Awakening”

Awakening: Volume I (Awakenings Book 1) by [Sampson, Hector , Sampson, Hector]



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