Next morning…


The merry voices of fishermen coming back from a hard day of being under the Sun for hours, was mixed with the voices of hundreds of people returning home in those huge boats called Vapur.

Everybody looked tired but happy, since their workday had finished and they were free to relax and forget about their problems for a while.

The coffee shops were full of men talking and laughing as if they were the happiest people on Earth.  Everything looked in order everywhere you looked.

The Bosphorus Bridge was packed with cars going both directions, loaded with people wishing to get home as soon as possible so they could share a delicious meal with their loved ones.

I was really tired after a very active day in Istanbul. Exhausted but delighted with the magic of that city and its wonderful people.

I found a nice-looking place where many men were already enjoying their kahve ve Çay (coffee and Tea). They all look cheerful and relaxed.

My knowledge of Turk language is very VERY basic, but I was able to understand and speak a little with the people who were always kind and very helpful to me.

I was lucky to meet some young people there who spoke English, so I was able to make new friends.  I told them that I was impressed that everybody looked so happy, that I couldn´t see many sad or angry faces like in other big cities around the world.

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