Replay (Note to self)


I remember when my daughters loved to spend hours watching their movies on DVD over and over again.

They actually watched the same movie two or three times in a row. They had a whole collection of different titles for children and they loved them all.

Each girl had their favourite, and those I had to watch with them sometimes until I could repeat every line of every character by heart.

Fortunately, once they had watched those movies a trillion times, new ones came out and then they moved to the new stories.

Nowadays they have grown up a little, and they no longer watch one movie several times in a day. (well… not very often anyway).

They say that old habits are hard to brake, probably, that is why we do the same with our mistakes and tragedies.

Sometimes it seems as if we enjoyed replaying them over and over again.  We keep going through the same mental images several times for months and even years.

You know what that triggers, right? Yes, me too, nevertheless we keep doing it continuously.

We lose our patience when listening the same stories from our family and friends, but we keep reliving and reviewing negative situations in our life repeatedly.

We get mad with elderly people who forgot they had already told us their anecdotes several times in the past, but we allow ourselves to torture our soul with the grievances and negativity of our missteps.

For years and years, we enjoy reminding ourselves of what we should have, could have, or would have been. But that “play-stop-rewind-and-play-again” game is keeping us trapped in the same place we have been for a long time.

We have a strange tendency to fall in love with our problems, past and present, and in some cases the future ones as well. Yes, those problems that have not appeared yet, but that we create through our fears and mistrust.

You have kidnapped your heart and soul by repeating that game and allowing yourself to suffer with the same old movie many times.

You might be addicted to recreate those images in your mind whenever you are about to start something new and important in your life.  That is a common way to sabotage your success unconsciously.

So, release that habit, release that need to keep yourself from living the life you deserve.

Seat down and get in touch with your own soul. Find the answers you are looking for in your solitude. It is in the silence where the answers you need are dwelling and waiting for you to give them a chance to talk to you.

Once you learn to love your own company, the solutions will come.

But first of all, absolve yourself now.










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