Find your hope (Auto-reminder)


Do you remember that time when you thought everything was lost and there was not possible solution for that problem?

When you were a child, there were times when things appear impossible to accomplish, things like holding your spoon properly, reaching for a toy in a tall drawer, solving an addition on the blackboard while all classmates were watching you, and so forth.

Probably there were times when you felt hesitant to tell your parents you had broken their favourite vase by accident while playing with your ball inside your home. You just could not think of a way out of that situation, right?

As you advanced in your life, the tests became more challenging and the situations seemed harder.  But, when you looked back, you could see that you were always able to find a solution for every tribulation you found in your way, right?

I remember once I flunked math when I was in secondary school.  I had to study very hard and take a very difficult examination in order to pass the subject, (that I actually hated at that time), and it was because I dedicated an extra time every day to study that I discovered that I actually loved mathematics.  So, I ended up studying a career related to mathematics and computers.

But it was thanks to that apparently horrid event (failing the subject at school), that I realised my big love for science.

And I must admit that when I knew I had to take that big test I was terrified and lost all hope for a while. But today I feel grateful for that big test. It changed the course of my life.

Nowadays, I am no longer having a problem with the knot of my tie, reaching for things in the cupboard, asking for directions, ordering a pizza online and many other things that, at some point in my life, appeared insurmountable.

And yes, I am facing right now things that, from my present perspective,

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2 thoughts on “Find your hope (Auto-reminder)

  1. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words! Good luck with your exams Himali!


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