I was not aware of the root of his anger.  He had always been a very nice person, always smiling and joking with everyone around him.

They had been friends since their early childhood. They had been together in many battles and in many celebrations as well.

But then one day his friend left the country to begin his quest to find his “real self”. Many new paths and experiences awaited him ahead.

They lost contact for many years until, one day, he returned home.

He had been very successful in his business and had travelled the world and learnt many valuable things.

His friend had stayed home all these years.

One day he came back to his home town and was surprised to see that many things had not changed at all, while others were totally different.

Both friends met once more after all these years of being apart and each one told the other about the new things in their lives. Both were glad to see each other once more.

Until they began to compare their lives.

I saw my friend few days before his tragic demise.  He looked very weak and his skin had a greenish shade that made me feel concerned about his well-being.

He told me that he was very angry because he had an argument with his friend.

It seems that the more they compared their own life to the other’s. They felt more (jealous?) angry with each other.

One had been able to see the world, the other had married the love of his life, while the other was still single. One had reached a better economic level while the other was living a modest but happier life, etc. The list of comparisons was endless.

The thing is that both were sure that the other was happier, better, luckier, etc., and that, had made both friends very unhappy and envious of the other.

Some days later, I heard about my friends passing and the day of the funeral I met his former best friend.  He looked devastated and in a very bad shape as well.

He told me that he felt guilty of our friend´s death because the rivalry between them had ruin their friendship and affected their own lives.

He felt bad for their constant arguing about the contrast of their lives and admitted that he would give everything in his life to go back in time and change the way things developed.

-“But I cannot do that anyway.” He said with tears in his eyes. “There is an old Hindu proverb that says that the Sun and the Moon do not need to compete against each other, since each one has its own light and shine with their own power and in their own time, unfortunately I have understood that too late now.”

I left the funeral with a heavy heart and meditating on his words.

Yes, we have no need to compere ourselves to anyone else, since we are all unique, we all have our gifts and defects and our own particular path. And we have a unique set of virtues that no one else possess in this universe.

The only person you need to compete against is yourself. And once you have understood this, you will be in your way to live the life you have always wished.

Beat your own records, today.




11 thoughts on “Contrasting

  1. あしら先生、Email 間違っているそうです。送ろうことはでしませんよ

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  2. That’s funny. I tested it myself by send a mail to myself at that address. I came to me alright. Would you try that again .


  3. 私はただ受け取った. どうもありがとうございます!これは大きな名誉です.本当にありがとうございました

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