Sometime ago, I had the opportunity to meet in person a very well know scientist-writer.  He always wrote about very polemic subjects but he was convinced of his concepts and was considered an eminence in his time.

For many years he was able to endure the attacks and criticism of his fellow scientists who were more comfortable with the old theories.  He could most times provide good evidence of his own models.

But he started a family and the economic pressures began to emerge. So, he had to start searching for new work opportunities and his life took a 180° turn.

When he was not so “famous” anymore, and he had to abide under the rules of the scientific community (see how I didn´t say under the laws of science) He was politely asked to “rephrase” some of his arguments and personal views in his books, since they “were not in line with the general scientific view”.

In the beginning, he could resist for a short time and remained true to his views. But after a while, the pressure became difficult to bear.  With his new family growing and the debts increasing, he had to face many difficulties and obstruction from their workmates.

For some “unknown” reason his work opportunities began to vanish, and after some difficult years of swimming against the current, he was forced to contradict his theories, and his books and TV programs were not sold anymore.

The only way he could find to get some sources of income, was writing a book where he took back all he had said for years and align his ideas with the general accepted consensus.

Publicly, he did so and all his admirers and followers were surprised and disappointed at the same time, for that sudden and unexplained change.

That had a very negative effect on him. Although his economic problems ended “by a miracle”. His health deteriorated and two years later, he passed away.

When I had the opportunity to talk with his widow, she told me the whole story and how that pressure from his “community” had caused an inner damage that later, turned into a physical and lethal illness.

I was enraged with those people who instead of trying to find the truth through more investigation and hard work, preferred to make use of their power and force this valuable man to comply with their own views and opinions.

But few months after his demise, I received a letter from his family.  They told me they had found many notes in his desk where he described new theories and evidences more in balance to his original line of thought.

They were planning to organise those notes with the help of some of his colleagues, who did not betray him in the past, and make a new book explaining what had happened and why, now that he was free of the scrutiny of those petty minds.

He had to go against his views in public so he could help his family survive. But deep inside his heart he kept his truth intact. He had placed these notes in his study in such a way that his family could find them and publish them after he was gone.

The tone of those notes will let his fans know that he was still thinking and investigating as usual, he managed to keep his authenticity beyond the grave.

He will give us a lesson beyond his subject. He is teaching us a very important life lesson. Genuineness, is the only way to cultivate your true self.

As long as you keep being authentic, your natural Light will illuminate your path.






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