Everybody is telling you that you need to control what you think because it is what you attract.  That brings upon us a big burden since we stress ourselves by making a big effort to avoid bad thoughts and feelings.

As human beings, we can experience all kinds of feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

We cannot limit our mind and soul to filter all the time our bad thoughts and feelings. That would not be beneficial, and in the end, it would bring us major health problems.

We do not need to completely avoid newspapers, TV news and the general gossiping around us.

The big difference comes when we do not allow those events to change our self-confidence.

Bad news can make us aware of the external events that are affecting, one way or the other, our life, but it does not mean we are not allowed to choose how to react to it.

We can get panicked and decide to live in a constant state of fear, or we can decide to learn to recognise danger and how to react in different situations.

We can decide to feel abandoned and ignored by everybody or we can know that we are being allowed to grow and learn from new challenges. After all, challenges are here to help us grow and evolve.

Remember those times when you felt you were lost and there was not a plausible solution to that problem, and suddenly something happened and “magically” helped you to solve the issue.

This time will not be an exception.

That lack of “strength” is just an illusion. Sometimes we feel we just cannot go on, but the moment you decide to carry on, something happens in your brain and the right neuro-transmitters begin to work. You feel a huge force inside of you that helps you continue and achieve what seemed impossible.

So, stop tormenting yourself and begin to let things, situation, people, feelings, ideas, etc., to flow around you.

Allow yourself to dream and have desires, if they are there it means you are capable of manifesting them.

Most times, all you need to do is give what you want to receive. Learn to give love and you will receive love. Learn to give joy if you want to receive joy. Give what you need the most and you will receive the same more abundantly, while having fun in the process.

Practice acceptance and stop trying to control everything and everyone, actually, you are not really controlling anything. Nature has its own timing.

Pressure begets only illness. Allow yourself to try and fail, allow yourself to learn and experience, but do not over pressure yourself or the result will be negative in the end.

Do your part, do your work but relax yourself, after all nothing is really under your total control. Let it happen.





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