I remember a friend of mine who suffered a congenital illness and his body presented some deformities that made him feel bad. Especially during his school years for his classmates were very mean to him. He suffered a lot for that and he decided he would begin a quest to find perfection.

If he had not a perfect body, he would find perfection in other areas of his being. So, he decided to practice several sports so he could get a better physique, and he became a good boxer with great muscles. He even represented his country in the Olympic Games.

But he did not feel that his quest was complete. Having a strong body and Olympic medals was not enough and he told me he did not feel even close to perfection.

So, he saved money to try correcting his physical problems and went to visit different plastic surgeons who helped him to have a physique more to his liking.  He obtained a better look but he still had an emptiness inside his soul.

He decided to try acting and studied with good teachers, because of his impressive frame, he was able to get some good parts in films in Hollywood and other countries too, so I thought he would have successfully reached his goal.

But when I talked to him, he told me that he still felt too far from his aspiration.

His search became more and more desperate and he reached a point where he felt it was an impossible pursuit.

Whatever he did, he never felt he was even touching perfection. There always was something or someone who looked closer to it than he did.

With all his esthetical surgeries and all his fame and success, he told me he couldn´t stand looking at himself in the mirror.

He was totally disheartened.

He was about to abandon his search, when one day while looking at a small spider web, he realised that in order to feel complete, he should stop looking at himself as “imperfect”.

Finally, he had realised that “perfection”, “beauty”, “truth”, “reality”, etc., will always depend on your perspective. Once you look beyond that “imperfection” you will be closer to find your balance.

After all that struggle to feel better with himself, he finally took his attention from what bothered him, his own concept of perfection/imperfection had changed. He was no longer angry with the whole world because now, he had found his own “perfection”.  He knew that the whole world was “flawless” as it was, because it was his own judgement that made it defective.

Once he could look beyond that “faultiness” he could find his peace and he felt happy with who he was and what he had done so far.

Now he is a more relaxed and happy person.

I am trying to learn this lesson from him now.

Just remember that you are already a perfect being, who is now learning to remind yourself of that fact.









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