There are days when it takes more strength to get up from bed than others.

They say that when something scares you a little is a good sign for you to go on and do it, but in this world of bad news, excess of stress, lack of natural food and an overextended pessimism makes us very difficult to gather that strength.

That makes us search for something even more difficult to find nowadays: Those people who challenge you to be better, motivate you and impulse you to act.

Most people are just too overwhelmed with all the negative information we receive from everywhere. So, they do not have time to feel better themselves and let alone spreading motivational words around them.

Sometimes we are deep in a hole and we cannot see a way out of our situation, after some time we began to realise that no one else will come to save us and then we begin to make changes in ourselves and those changes are what bring that “miracle” that gets us out of the hole and back to normal once more.

But once we are able to get out of that hole through our inner changes, we need to set our next goal so that impulse has a direction, a destination.

Once we set our destination and we have got the strength within our heart we need to do something even harder: To be adaptable about the way we are going to get there.

I cannot remember all those times when I could swear that something was going to happen in such a way or to arrive through a certain path, and after a big frustration, I let things go and they arrived in the less expected and easier way.

It is so difficult to be flexible when you are making plans and that is one of the things that keeps us from achieving many things.

Life has got infinite paths, endless possibilities, yet, we are stubborn and want to have control of everything around us.

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