You must


The other day I was commenting that knowledge is a precious gift.  Not everyone is entitled to receive the same knowledge that you now have.  And you know what? That is OK.

We all have different life experiences, different paths and we all receive different gifts when we are born and different gifts during our life time.

So, you can consider yourself very lucky, a chosen one. No one else possess your skills, feelings, thoughts and wisdom.

Have you ever tried to make a list of all the things you have learnt so far? No? you should, you would be surprised to see an extensive set of things you have been learning since your day one in this Earth.

Even those people who see themselves as ignorant, they would complete hundreds of pages if they began making such a list.

You have learnt to eat, to walk, to drink, and yes, you even have learnt to learn.

Even those natural processes have been learnt somehow, some where already programmed in your DNA, and your brain took the information from there and then taught it to your subconscious mind so it could use it “automatically”.

We possess such an unbelievable mind that we can learn and re-learn things and get better at anything we put our attention and action to.

We must re-learn to think again, because we have been negatively influenced by our society, that now we believe less in ourselves and more in external factors and general opinion and media.

We should re-learn to eat again more natural food, for we are now eating more chemicals and artificial substances in our meals that new illnesses are appearing every day and we still ask why.

We need to remember those wise words of Hippocrates, the father of medicine: “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food” That way, you will always heal yourself and others.

Search in your trunk of old memories and see what could be of benefit to your and the others. You already have got the knowledge, the only think you need to do is take it out, shake the dust off, and give it a good use.

So, do not let that wonderful knowledge to get dust in your trunk of memories.7

You have been granted a knowledge loaded with experience nobody else in this universe possess.

Please understand that you have received this treasure so you can use it for you benefit and the rest of the universe.

Leaving it unused would be irresponsible and egotistical.




One thought on “You must

  1. Wonderful post, Hector. It’s hard to change some of the things we’ve learned, but it is possible with a will. I hope to learn all my life, even when it entails change. 🙂


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