The best I ever had

Why is it that when somebody dies he or she becomes the best person on the planet?

Why after a love is gone, we realise after a while, that he/she was the “love of our life”?

Why do we have to face loss, in order to find the good aspects of people, places and things?

And you can apply that to practically everything with the exception of abusive people and bad situations. But even in those cases I have seen people who, when an abusive person who made their life a real hell, dies. They begin to find the “good” in them.  Sometimes an excess of dependency? An addiction to old beliefs? Whatever…

The problem is that we keep complaining everyday about almost everything in our world but we rarely stop to smell the flowers on the way.  Are you grateful for the roof upon your head right now? Are you happy because you still have people who care about you and who still ask you in a sincere manner how you are when they see you?

There was a time when I woke up and never gave importance to anything around me.  I thought people, situations and yes, even things would be there forever. I deserved them, therefore they belonged to me.

Time has showed me differently.

And today, there are people who are wondering how things would now be if you had stayed. They are wondering why did they let you go then, and keep you in their hearts and minds all the time.

The same happens in your case. There are people, situations, places and things that are no longer with you and you are now missing and regretting not having been aware of their value when they were a part of your life.

So, if you now know how painful it is having to face “loss” (although most losses are just temporal in some way) then what about beginning to appreciate what you still have got in your life NOW?

Why wait until we feel the sharp pain of loss to appreciate and enjoy the good in our world?

Maybe you now feel, the same way I felt years ago, that everything and everyone will be there forever or that they will last a long time by your side.  Well, most times, they will not.  So take some minutes every day to feel the gratitude of having lots of blessings in all shapes and colours.

Yes, they will be gone too, but remember: Nature does not like void, so the Universe will always fill a void with something new. And the more you feel grateful for someone or something in your life now, the better your life will be.

We are temporal beings living in an everlasting universe.

Use your time on this world wisely and decide to be grateful for everything and everyone while they are still in your life. Nostalgia is harder to bear when we know the loss is irrevocable.

From my book: Awakening III

Awakening III by [Sampson, Hector]









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