Watching him eating so fast was a disgusting view.  It seemed as if he thought the world was coming to an end and he should finish his meal in advance.

I was just in the middle of the first course, when he was finishing his last. I was surprised, and at the same time a little displeased since he was not really enjoying his food.  I remained silent as he was excusing himself from the table and rushed out of the restaurant without even waiting for my answer.

I was in “judging mode” so, I thought he should learn to take more time for him to enjoy his food besides, it is unhealthy, and in some cases even dangerous to eat too fast.

I finished my meal at my own pace, and my other friend and I left the place talking about more relevant subjects.

Before going to bed I was feeling a minor stomach ache and I just could not understand where it had come from.   Was it something I ate?

The pain got worst and I had a bad night.

Next morning, I met with my two friends once more and I told them about my painful night. One of them, the one who stayed with me, not the one who had finish his meal first, told me: “Well, obviously you felt bad because you ate too fast!”

I look at him perplexed for a little while.

“But our other friend finished much faster, I did not eat fast, you and I finished our meal at the same time”! I replied a little annoyed.

“Yes, but our friend had a two-course meal, and you arrived 15 minutes later, we began earlier than you, that is why.” He told me.

I felt bad about it.  I had criticised my other friend for the way Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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