Embrace it


I have heard so many times that you have to embrace change and difficulties when they come, that I thought I had totally understood the idea. And probably I had, but as usual when it comes to apply our knowledge in real life, things become difficult.

We are all excellent for theory but when practice time arrives, the story is quite different, same thing when giving advice to others, we already know what to say to them in any situation THEY have to face, but when we are in the same predicament, all those answers and solutions vanish from our head.

Few years ago after living for a long time very comfortably in a nice area of my city, they sold the house I was renting and I was immediately required to move to a different place. That was really traumatic for me, because it had all the ingredients for a home brewed tragedy:

It was totally unexpected and undesired.

It took me out of my routine and comfort.

It was terrifying since it meant taking a leap into the unknown.

There was not apparent solution nor any option in front of me.

I was left alone by all my “friends” and family when I needed them the most. They just disappeared.

I just was paralysed by fear.

And an endless list of extras continued.

So when things get really overwhelming for you to handle and, you have done everything you can, or at least all you know you can try, the only thing you are left with is, to just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Stop thinking, worrying, imagining, obsessing, etc.

Just breath and have faith things will get better, accept where you are and know that you are in the right place, at the right time and with the right people so things will work out for the best. That is what “embrace it” really means to me.

And so I did, and of course things were terrific! Unexpected miracles appeared, new people and circumstances arrived and things ended up great and with new extra blessings.

That expectation is what creates new options right in front of you, or better said, the options have been always there, your expectation just manifest them in your local reality. And now it’s what I do every time I feel off balance.

Believe me, doing the things even when you think you are not ready, or afraid of trying them, or deciding to take the risk and leaving your routine behind, are the things for you to do in order to feel alive.

These are the ideas that define “Embrace it” to me.


Time is flying and there is nothing secured in this life. Stability is nothing but a mirage and when my time on this local reality is over, I want to leave with more knowledge about who I really am and with more experiences in my backpack.


Dare to live and discover that you are braver than you can imagine, you can achieve more things that the others allow you to believe and in the end, your life will be a lesson and an inspiration for others to emulate.


But what is more important, you will be happier and therefore, a real winner in the game of life.


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