Your hero


They say humans always need someone to admire, someone to follow, someone to take as a role model.

Since the beginning of mankind, stories of powerful beings with superpowers have existed. Most of us have dreamt to be like one of those heroes, possess their superpowers and save the world.

We have cherished that idea from our early childhood and as we grow up and lose contact with those stories, we leave them resting in our deep subconscious mind.

One day we get in trouble and when we cannot find a way out of our problems, we begin to search for a hero to save us and take us away from distress.

And we wait for days, months and even years. And nobody comes to save us. Time goes by and we keep our eyes looking away towards the horizon, waiting for that super hero to arrive.

We begin our search for that hero in religion, in politics, in science and so on and so forth. We find some prospects, but after some deceptions, we move our search to a different field.

If you are religious then you will search your hero through different deities and philosophies, if you do not believe in religions then you will try to find your hero in politics, science, sports, etc.

After some time, you will realise that your search is not yet complete. And that is because as the rest of all transcendental quests, you begin your exploration in the exterior. And after many years of failed searching. You lose the faith.

As usual, we keep looking for everything in the exterior.

We are used to look for everything in the outside world. But we need to make a shift in that habit.

Do you remember how many times you have been able to survive and overcome situations you always thought were impossible?

Do you remember the faces of all those people you have helped in the past? Probably you were their only hope, their only friendly hand available at that particular moment, and maybe you never knew it.

Many times, you have saved people without even know it. Your presence, your actions, your decisions, your abstentions, your absences, your delays, your being on time, everything has played a very important role in the life of others, and you did not realise what that meant for them.

If you really knew, all the good things you have done for others, how you have saved so many people and all the good you have brought to their lives, probably you would see yourself under a different light.

I think it is time you have a new hero. I think it is time you begin to realise that you are the one who is going to take you out of the hole, you are the one who is going to save you from evil and the one and only who will take care of you for the rest of your life.

You are your own saviour! Godspeed to you!








2 thoughts on “Your hero

  1. A lovely empowering post, Hector. A wonderful superpower and with it comes great responsibility. I think that’s often what frightens people away from accepting their own power. Yet, the truth, I believe, is that the responsibility is ours even if we don’t accept it. We might as well make the best of it and make super choices. 😀

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