What about you?


Have you noticed how hard you are with yourself?

You can admire an athlete who has accomplished an important mark in their speciality, you love to read about those people who have survived tough situations and after a terrible struggle they came out victorious.

You can feel respect for those people who have gone through humiliation, torture and all kinds of abuse, in order to be true to their convictions and ideas in addition to sacrificing all in their lives so they could reach their final destination covered in glory.

We all have stories among our family and friends of people who have gone through a real hell on Earth just to accomplish their deepest dreams.

There are now, plenty of reality shows and other programs about those people who have made it in extreme circumstances. And we love to watch them and feel admiration and respect for those brave people who, despite all odds, have been true to themselves, have lost everything for the good of others and are now seen as heroes.

Just look at all those statues in parks and squares all around the world of people who fought endless battles just to see their people free.

And we never stop loving those stories and they make movies about them all the time, even new versions are constantly made because we cannot get enough of them.

But what about you?

I am sure you have been through many terrible battles, and you are still here. You have survived.

You have sacrifice many times, so others could have something good in their lives.

You have been through a real hell on Earth defending what you thought it was the right thing to do.

You have shared with others multiple times what you did not have in abundance.

Then could you tell me how is it possible that you can admire others for their deeds, sacrifices and achievements, while you see yourself so low?

How can you admire and praise the successes of others when you are Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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