Watching a Japanese samurai sword (刀, katana) is one of the finest pleasures you can experience.  Especially when you learn about the process that is needed to make one.

The steel used to build one is called Tamahagane(玉鋼) and consists of several layered steels with different carbon concentrations. This steel is full of impurities and the look of it in the beginning of the process is not very nice.

The antiquity of the steel is very important in the process of removing those impurities.  The oldest the steel, the highest concentration of oxygen making it easier to get rid of the impurities during the hammering, thus resulting in a stronger blade.

High and low carbon steel are welded and folded several times and the hammer and fire make their hard work to get rid of impurities in a very strenuous and long process where each element makes its part in forming a stronger and stunning blade.

This is a very ancient and difficult technique that has survived in Japan, thanks to families who have kept the process and tradition alive until these days.

If you watch this process for the first time, you would think that the artisan is damaging the steel, by hammering, putting in the fire and then in water.

Looked from the outside, it would seem impossible that this perfect blade could be the end result of such a harsh work.

There are several videos online where you can see the whole process that is fascinating and impressive. Make yourself a favour and watch one of them, you could learn a lot from them.

You are exactly as one of these swords.

You have been going through a forging process throughout your life.

You have gone through fire many times. Life and circumstances have battered you merciless several times and you have been tempered in refreshing water as well.

You are a masterpiece of the Universe, you are even more beautiful and perfect than the best katana in the world.

But your process is endless, your forging is constant, you are growing every day. You are getting more beautiful with every difficulty you overcome.

So, allow yourself to grow and get stronger. At the end of your journey you will be even more powerful and beautiful than the samurai sword.








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