On Time


I was shocked to see how far into the year we are now. Where have all those days, weeks and hours gone? Life is happening too fast.

Maybe time is accelerating as some people are saying, maybe my daily routine is getting too….mmh…. routinely?

It was a Saturday two weeks ago, when I attended a very interesting conference at a University, I was still trying to let the concepts learnt there sink into my head, when suddenly I saw the calendar and it was Saturday once more! So soon? Where did all the rest of the week go?

Then I decided to make time go slower, yes, if time is a perception of the mind as some theories affirm, then I had to try and make it flow slowly.

I stopped rushing every day and took more time to observe things around me, to enjoy every moment of the day and make an effort to notice those little details that pass unnoticed all the time.

And yes, believe it or not, I discovered that taking things in a more calmed way, stopping the pressure to do a hundred things per day to meet all my deadlines on time has made a lot of difference.

Even my body is reacting in a more positive way, I was beginning to feel too stressed over all the tasks I had accepted and my inner self was shouting that I was going to end up with a heart attack or something worse.

This week definitely “passed” more slowly to me and I am surprised for all the things I was able to accomplish by slowing down my daily pace. It sounds paradoxical, I know, but by doing things in a more relaxed way, my productivity raised.

I invite you to test this for yourself.

You won´t realise how many things you are missing in your daily life, until you take the time to allow yourself to notice them.

Rush makes our brain accelerate the processes, but by doing that, we are leaving too many things outside our awareness. The brain focus attention on accelerating our actions in order to finish our agenda on time, so its energy is rapidly consumed and we leave it exhausted and trying to find more energy to deal with the rest of our “to do” list.

We become slaves of time, instead of allowing time to serve us.

Do you really want to finish your day faster? Do you really want your life to escape you without true meaning? Are those things you are doing during in your day, really serving a good purpose for your own growth?

Well I am now stopping more often to ask myself those questions.

And that is helping me to adjust my heading during the day and yes, I feel much better when the day ends, leaving me happier and readier to receive new opportunities the next morning.

Please give yourself more time to really live, that is, to enjoy your life with all its colours, sounds and sensations. You don’t want to reach the end of your cycle on this planet just to realise that you wasted your time, living to please others, rushing to tick off lists and end up tired and disappointed for not seizing the day to be happier.

You are still on time.

From my book: Awakening I

Awakening: Volume I (Awakenings Book 1) by [Sampson, Hector , Sampson, Hector]





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