Be Resilient


While talking to a friend yesterday we were commenting about a friend who used to be a very solid and strong man most of his life, but the day his wife passed away, he began to lose his strength and wish to go on living.

It is always hard to lose a loved one, specially a very close person. And once we fall, getting on our feet once more is a daunting task for most of us.

After a lost, a failure, an accident, etc., things get very difficult and recovering our inner strength and peace seems almost impossible. And although time heals almost all wounds, there is always some things we can do to speed up our recovery.

1.- Do not be afraid of spending time with yourself.

Lately, the fear people have of being lonely has dramatically increased. It seems that the co-dependency is disconnecting us from our inner selves. Spending time with ourselves will allow us to discover things that lay within us that we are not aware of. It will help us learn to love ourselves and will allow others to miss us and value our presence.

Most of the answers you are looking for are hidden within our soul, give yourself the opportunity to find them in your silence.

 2.- Let the past behind. Stay in the present.

When you “spend” more time looking at the past instead of experiencing the present. It is time to make a radical change.

3.- Do not feel the Universe owes you anything.

It is quite the contrary.

4.- Learn to cultivate patience.

Calm down your horses, expecting immediate results all the time brings bad consequences always.

5.- Self-pity is the beginning of your misery.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the worst way to waste your valuable time.  Give yourself the credit you deserve. Believe in you and the rest will come faster.

These 5 basic rules have helped me a lot, give them a try and see how your power of recovery becomes more powerful. I hope they work as good for you as they have for me.

If you allow yourself to spring back up from your collapses, life will take a different turn.

The rest of the world is watching you, but they are living their own lives too. Do not allow them to influence your emotions, decisions nor ideas.

You cannot please everyone at the same time, and actually, you do not have to. That would only stress you unnecessarily.

There are many things that are out of your total control, therefore you need to stop wasting your time by trying to “fix” everything around you. If they are “out of your control” it is because it is meant to be so, so have fun with it, relax and grab the lesson within.

Let time do its part, and you do yours. You will be strong and up again in no time.



4 thoughts on “Be Resilient

  1. A helpful post, Hector. I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. I’ve found that in my lowest moments when life seems hardest, volunteering gave me the healing lift I needed. It brought me out of my dark shell, surrounded me with genuinely kind and caring people, and made me feel useful – that I could make a difference and still had a purpose. I would add it to the steps of recovery from grief when a person is ready to dip a toe back into the world. ❤

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  2. Thank you for reading Diane!! Unfortunately my friend died precisely 6 months after his wife, but he was not willing to continue here without her.
    We all react in different ways to hard tests, but no matter the method, what it is important is to grow and continue ahead.
    Thank you for reading and your kind comment!!

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