I was talking to a friend who works in the army. He was saying that in some special training they are taken to the extremes, they are tested so they can learn how far their bodies and minds can go.

He said that civilians are unaware of what we can do because we are never tested that way that we never know what we can endure because we are not taken to those levels of resistance.

I believe he is right, but on the other hand I think we are tested too by the problems and situations we have to face during our life.  Not all of us need to be left in the jungle for some weeks to try to survive eating snakes and roots, but some people have to survive in many other ways and I have met people who have been able to master their bodies and minds to a point I would call them Spiritual Rambos.

Maybe it is more necessary for you to learn how to work on your resistance to stress, to strengthen your body so you heal yourself and others.

Probably you are going through a “special training” right now to become more powerful in handling financial problems and in the future you will become an instructor who will be able to guide others in how to survive and thrive as you were able to.

Maybe you are in a special mission to learn how to eat better and clean your organism so you can be in the Special Forces for health intelligence.

And I believe you have already earned many medals and honours in different areas that have made you a highly trained spiritual soldier.  Not a soldier with guns and grenades, but a spiritual soldier with self-knowledge and powerful enough to change your inner self and therefore your universe.

So next time you see someone going through a difficult situation, Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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