I was talking to an older friend, about his life and the experience he has gained through the years.

As a child, I had the idea that life gives us experience through different events and that every old person was wise and experienced in all areas of life.

I always thought that someone who had been on this planet for many decades had been able to gather all the knowledge in the world, but that idea began to fade as I grew up and had to work with many old people.

My friend who has been on this Earth for a little more of 8 decades, was amazed with my concepts and told me that experience and strength were not dependent of the age but on endurance.

“You can see a person who has always lived surrounded by luxury, servants and almost no worries and when that person has to go out in the world or suddenly they see themselves on their own, they have no knowledge whatsoever on how to survive by their own means.” He said.

“But you can see teenagers who after losing their parents have to find a way to get food for their siblings, and are forced to work and survive in harsh circumstances. But when you talk to them, they have the maturity and experience of an old person.”

“We need adversity in order to learn and grow. That is tWould you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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