You are never alone


There is nothing as scarier as losing a job, failing your marriage, finding out you have a bad illness, or feeling you are on your own.

It is so easy to be in the “spiritual path” when you have everything solved, when you have no emotional, economical or health problems that keep your serenity away.  Then is when we can study and make retreats, meditate and do all rituals you want.

To be an armchair guru at those times is very easy and we see examples of that every day.

It is when we face a big problem or terrible situation, when we forget about all the things we have learnt and when we react as everyone else.  When we are questioned about the things we have been studying all these years, we cannot remember all the theory we have been preaching about.

Despair enters our hearts once more and then we realise that everything we have been studying is not good at all. All was just wishful thinking.

But it is then when we should be stronger and more secured.

When the time comes to apply what we have been training for, is usually when we lost our hope and succumb to the circumstances.

This is the time when we should remain assured that when problems arrived the Universe gives us special tools to face the apparent adversity.

Use your past in your behalf.  Do not live in the past to relive only your glories, but remember how things turned on your behalf when things seemed lost.  Remember how something unexpected happened and circumstances we call miracles arrived in the least expected moment and many times in the least expected way from the least expected people.

Many times we can see the “hand of the Divine” in the apparent tragedy.  Most of the time, big changes bring big blessings within.

Face what comes with the knowledge that you are not alone at any time.  There are always help available, there are always tools that appear when we need them, there are always enough resources to provide what we need, even knowledge arrives from unusual sources.  And as I said before, you have already experienced this many times already.

Your advantage now is that this time you are conscious of this and you will be expecting to receive what you need at the time you need it. Your knowledge about it and your expectancy will make the difference.

And once you see the results you and your life will never be the same.

Go now and experience this by yourself, you will be glad to know you have learned all this thanks to your past experiences and that you have never been on your own and you never will be.

From my book: “Dialogs with my inner self I”

Dialogs with my inner self by [Sampson, Hector]


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