We are hearing very often about detachment lately. Detachment to material things, to places, to people etc.

For most people, it is easier to detach themselves from individuals, food or places than to be the “victim” of the detachment.

You can train your mind to separate from a place, from a certain food or habit.  A little more difficult for many is to “avoid” toxic people who are not helping us with our growth process.

Especially when the other people feel you are avoiding them for the wrong reasons. They might think that you are getting too “picky” or that you are being too selfish or that you simply do not care anymore for them.

But please do not fall into that game this time.

You are not being arrogant, selfish or insensitive.  You are learning to take care of yourself and to focus your attention on your own development and growth.

Once you learn to detach yourself from judging others, from telling them what to do or how to do it, and even from trying to “save” them, you will have more time to work on yourself.

So, do not feel bad if suddenly you begin asking yourself what is it that you need to be happier, to be stronger and feel more accomplished in your life.

Allow the others learn their own lessons, help them learn to take responsibility of their own acts, do not judge them, rescue them or criticise them. Be a better person yourself and then, you´ll be able to teach them by your example.

That way, they will not have Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


11 thoughts on “Detach!

  1. Excellent post and I agree. Sometimes, we must detach for our own best interests. A lot of people are so self-absorbed these days and it makes it challenging to like them. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing.

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  2. I like all the different ways that you talk about detachment, Hector. It may mean spending less time with “toxic” people, but it may also mean spending less energy on them while in their presence. You place the responsibility on US to not be so wrapped up in THEIR lives. What I love about this is that often the “toxic” people are seen as the problem, when in fact, we choose to buy into it and let it affect us. We can’t change them, but we can change ourselves. Great post.

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  3. Very wise words Diane! Thank you very much! And yes, you are so right, I usually disconnect my mind automatically when I am with one of them but, yes everything depends on the perspective you look at things and in the way you react to them.

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