Because of you…


She was a very strong and courageous woman.

She had a very difficult life and she had to learn to be tough in order to survive in a world made by men. In the world outside, she had to keep a rough and strong image.

Despite all the harsh situations she had to face, her loving and kind nature was kept very deep into her soul.

She had a big heart and her compassion was evident when she helped other people in need, whether they were a friend or a perfect stranger, to her they all deserved compassion.

She did not show that aspect of her personality very often. She preferred that part of her being well hidden from the external world.  She thought that way she would be more protected from the predators, as she used to call all those people who approached her to take advantage of her, or at least, that´s what she thought.

But, one day, a man came and began to change her world.  She mistrusted him at first, as usual. But after some time, all her protection shields were off.

This man convinced her that she had no need to be strong or to defend her own view. After all, he was there to protect her from the cruel external world.

And she believed him.

She gave him total control of Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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