Look again!


I was watching him working on a piece of wood.  He was creating something, that was evident, but thanks to an electric brush I was not able to see what he was working on.

The sawdust was flying everywhere, and I had to keep my eyes closed to avoid getting it into my eyes.

When he turned the machine off, the dust was still flying in all directions.  I waited for some seconds and then opened my eyes to try and see his masterpiece.

But all I could see was a deformed piece of wood with lots of sawdust and broken pieces of wood upon it.

“All that noise for this?” I asked disappointed, at 8 years old, patience was not one of my highest virtues.

“Yes” The man answered as he looked for a little hand brush in his bag.

I took the remaining piece of wood in my hands and tried to find the shape of that chunk of broken wood.

“I cannot understand what this is” I said slightly annoyed.

“Look again!” The man said while blowing the sawdust away with a soft blow.

Suddenly that shapeless piece of wood looked marvellous! The sawdust and the remaining pieces of wood had flown away leaving a beautiful fairy that had remained hidden into that log.

I was marvelled! To me, it was a real miracle, from a round piece of wood, this man had discovered a beautiful fairy inside of it and set her free with the help of some tools.  It was brilliant!

Sometimes, something happens in our lives and we perceive it as real chaos, a huge tragedy, suddenly all the “sawdust” in our life appears in front of our eyes and we cannot see nothing but confusion.

We are confused and sometimes this “sawdust” gets into our eyes, it hurts a lot, but if we wait for it to settle down, things get back to normal and then if we “look again”, we are able to see the actual result of all that disorder.

Yes, sometimes we need to “brush and blow” away the dust so we can see the outcome clearly.  But most times, the dirt dissipates and the results are clear if we accept to see them.

Do not fret too much if things are “blurred” at this time.

All that dust around you that keeps you from see things clearly are just the result of all the work you have been doing so far and soon you will see your masterpiece develop in front of your amazed eyes.

And the best thing is, your masterpiece is never really “finished”, you can always polish it up and make the corrections and alterations until you feel proud of it.

So, take a deep breath, relax and Look again…



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