Your mental image


They say that we should be clear where are we heading to, in order to get to the place, we wish to reach. And that is true.

I am sure, most of the time you leave your home with a destination in your mind. When you take the underground, a cab or get into your car, you have a definite end point in your mind. Otherwise you will make you and other people mad very easily. Especially cab drivers, they like to know where they will take you to, instead of driving around like lost ants.

In life, it is considered a good practice to have goals to accomplish, places to go and people to love. And that is good as well.

The real problem comes when you have a “fixed mental image” of how things should happen.

Have you ever noticed that most times you achieve something, the “means” to get there are not exactly as you imagined them?

Sometimes we even end up in a better place or situation than the one we wished for in the first place.

Once you begin your journey, there will be delays, detours, sudden stops and even total changes to your path.  How many times have you wanted to reach a point and in the end, you finished in a much better situation, relationship, job, etc?

We change by the minute, our body cells, our neurons, our ideas, needs and desires.  Change is an important factor of life. When things remain static for a long time, things begin to rotten.

So, do not feel bad now if things are not going the way you expect them previously. You are strong, intelligent, brilliant, and Life has bestowed upon you a series of gifts and talents nobody else possess.

What about being more open about the paths you decide to follow? What about wishing something but not being so stubborn about the way things will arrive?

Be an artist!  Be flexible about the mental image you are holding of your end result.

Let Life surprise you this time!

There are millions of possibilities for you to get what you want, stop limiting the Universe on how she should do things.  Let Life surprise you now!

You cannot see the whole picture; therefore, you cannot understand right now how things really are. Stop imposing your idea and wait to see what surprise is waiting for you ahead on the road.

Sometimes we get angry because things are not going the way we want, but if you cultivate patience, you will see in the end, that things arrived in a much better way that you expected.

Give Life a chance and allow yourself to be surprised. You will be happy you did.




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