What you are not


I have met many people who are convinced they are what they are not. And when you hold an idea in your mind long enough, it becomes part of your reality.

The problem is, that when you are holding in your mind the wrong concept, then the outside world will cause you more harm than good.

For instance, I know a friend whose parents told him all the time he was not good at math.  They repeated him all the time he was a failure in math and other sciences. Fortunately for him and for many of us, he ended up listening to his inner voice that always told him he really liked math and he ended up being a wonderful math teacher who loves spreading his knowledge to his students and has been teaching several generations the magic of math.

Even I fell to the old tale of math being difficult and boring. I remember my family talking about how difficult math was and my class mates were complaining all the time about how boring it was.

It was until I had to study math on my own for a difficult exam and I was allowed to study at my own pace and rhythm, that I discovered how beautiful math is and how pleasant and fun it can be. Now I like to solve equations as a pastime when I can find a free moment.

I know sometimes things look darker than they really are, but if you cannot find your way around at this particular moment, just remember that it takes to know darkness in order to appreciate light. That you need to experience Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


2 thoughts on “What you are not

  1. Lovely post, Hector. I completely agree with you that we shouldn’t buy into the negative messages we hear about us, our talents, or our interests. It’s for each of us to find what we enjoy and what we are skilled at. We may even enjoy things that we don’t do very well (I have lots of those!) Ha!

    I think there’s also value in recognizing that we have our natural talents as well as those things we will never be particularly good at. I love writing and can make a great eggplant parmesan, but I’ve come to accept that I won’t ever be a great basketball player or cellist. The negative messages seem to imply that we all have to meet some nebulous standard, which is silly. We are all different and that’s a marvelous thing worth celebrating.

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  2. Thank you for reading and your kind comment D! mmmh well it is never late to be a basket ball player or a cellist!! (hint, hint).
    On the other side I hope some day you share the recipe of that eggplant parmesan!!! please!
    Thank you for taking the time and visit my blog!!!

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